Five girls out tonight, good for our run down RLD!
The upmarket blonde who used to work from her own car before she lost her licence; on foot and as a passenger in a little white van. very restrictive (don't touch this, don't touch that, condoms on everything) but can still command £60 for a quicky
The younger of the two regular "Ugly Sisters", about as much use as a bad of potatoes but cheap as chips.
Her "third sister" down for the first time in years, can't remember if she was any use, but a new face will get attention.
The old regular walking the block near the city hall, whose been around for 20 years, hook nose, glasses and long coat, always had filthy skanky hair every time I talked to her, which put me right off.
The pretty wee girl in the wooly hat, highly recommended ! ! ! !
Neither the second regular "Ugly Sister" nor the dopy girl were in evidence; nor was the big girl who is only down occasionally.
If you know the town you'll know all their names, and which street all but one of them is in.
Further review of our old RLD. Most of the girls try to work from their phones, and make appointments to meet a couple of hundred yards away from their regular beat, but they usually end up trying for new meat on the street afterwards before they have to go home, so you'll still see them if you stay late. The three ugly sisters seem to be about less often but may have done business before they get into town, the third sister seems to be working from home and off her phone. The pretty, if restrictive, blonde can still do four or five punters, two or three nights a week and can still be spotted sitting in the little white van. The "pretty wee girl in the wooly hat" is less muffelled up in the good weather, and if you spot her she's the best value for money. The dopy girl is probably about most often, one of the cheapest, she's naieve, everybody seems to look out for her and see she gets a lift home. It looks like Liza is out of jail again, she's dangerous, in a hostel or sleeping rough, begging on the street if she's not whoring, she'll get into your car and refuse to get out again, demand to be driven here and there (usually to her dealer), she'll steal the eye out of your head, pick your pocket, or grab a briefcase or laptop and run for it. Always keep your car locked. Interesting we've got a tall gorgeous blonde occasionally now, with great legs, who is really a man!
The old RLD in Belfast is improving, tonight still had one of the ugly sisters and the dopey girl, which is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Last Sunday had two new faces both young and pretty, but as high as kites, couldn't walk a straight line! Last night had another two new faces, both sober and business like asking £80 and £40 which I declined. Tonight had the pretty blonde who used to sit in her own car £60 but far too restrictive, The six foot tranny with the best legs in town, and last nights two, both now asking a respectable £60. So I got the 25 year old redhead (cradle snatching I know). I managed to get her to tell me how many she'd done tonight, while I was settling down to lick her out after (I was fifth, very wet and no taste of spunk. I was the only man who ever licked her out! The only man who ever kissed her lovely wobbly little tummy. I was the only punter she ever barebacked, I was the only punter who ever paid her more than she asked for! Of course she said all that and managed to sound enthusiastic about it (well she did explode three times in my face!) Got her phone number which bodes well for future meets. I'll have to try her friend!
Still one of the ugly sisters out regularly, the dopy girl less so, the pretty girl who used to wear the bobble hat, rarely. The younger skinny ones all seem to be heroin addicts, living in hostels or in and out of jail, all managed, driven around and stalked by an old pervert who used to stalk the girl in the bobble hat. He's very nearly been given a hiding a couple of times; he did get beaten up out dogging when he kept calling the police on couples who wouldn't let him watch - someone needs to do it again!

New face out tonight, said her name was Sharon, early thirties, blonde hair scraped back into a little ponytail, a little on the plump side (at least I didn't cut myself), white sock pulled up over one leg of her leggings but not the other - obviously had her leggings off one leg in the back of somebody's car and put them back on in the dark! £40 for sex, £25 for a blowjob, when I hesitated she brought sex down to £30! She said I didn't need to use a condom unless I wanted to! Good kisser, nice clean, hairy, tasty, pussy which got very wet. She happily talked about her punters, how many she'd had, how many more she needed to do tonight, and how much she'd earned. I generated several orgasms (or very very good imitations) both fucking and licking her. She was pleasantly surprised at being given the full £40. 9 out of 10 - highly recommended
Watched the younger of the ugly sisters pick up two guys for separate car-jobs, take a "walk through" to the public toilet, while the pretty young thing with the bobble hat did a couple of car-jobs and got away from me, and one of the drug addicts hung around and got nothing. I drove the ugly sister to meet a regular for a blowjob up an entry, and dropped her off with another regular in a car park and waited for her. She'd made £150 by the time I picked her up again, and I had her all sticky in the back of the car for half an hour before driving her home. She thought that £200 was a good night's work!
In the cold weather it's getting worse. On Sunday night we only had the Heroin Maiden, in and out of The Ginger Pig's (her possessive old pimp's) car. His control technique is to lend her money, then threaten her and demand she work to repay him. Somebody needs to give him a slap. He's got a glass eye lol, so a slap on the back of the head to see if it would pop out and roll around the footpath would work for me!

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